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Real-Time AV Performance

Static.Noise is a multimedia audiovisual performance based on the interaction in real time between sound and images. Graphics are changed simultaneously based on sound frequencies. Visual metaphors drawn in an attempt to depict the perception of reality in the unconscious. We are all experiencing a psychological frustration, like a perennial "noise" in our minds, which we unconsciously keep until they implode. Visual concept interpreted through a visual programming language based on nodes, exploring the expressive possibilities given by the creative use of emerging digital techniques. Audio generated with "Synthesizer" and "Ableton". Particular attention to the search for experimental sounds that recall a real "disturbance". Like the audio also in the visual there are disturbing, stroboscopic effects. The evolution of this project was to converge sounds, images and dance. A totally immersive and interactive experience, movement and visual poetry in the foreground.

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